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My most current project: an online interactive soundscape/game. Find out more at http://attr-x.net


YSE is a 3D audio engine tailored to experimental music. It can easily play hundreds of sounds simultaniously. On top of 3D positioning of audio it also has extensive DSP functionality, composer tools and much more.It's still alpha software, but you can already visit the website.





A small tool to create visual schematics of a composition. (Mainly for analysis or teaching.)

Download archive


Is short for Pike's interactive music program. It was my first attempt to create software for algorithmic music composition. It uses the pike scripting language, but with some extentions of my own. Pimp is used for most of my music in 2009 - 2010. Source code on request.

Ubuntu guides

Short guilds that help me remind how to do certain things. They're not meant to be complete, but contain information I need once in a while and tend to forget.

MySQL cheatsheet

M-Audio Ozone installation

Sibelius installation

My pike installation


Pure Data

Wiilib, an external to use the playstation wii remote control with Pure Data. I created it for a few compositions in 2008.



(outdated!) A little program that allows you to sort complex scales and chords in several ways.

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