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Backgroundphoto of me

My name is yvan vander sanden. I was born in Neerpelt (a small town in Belgium) in 1972. I studied music, first at the Lemmens Institute in Louvain (with Kurt Bikkembergs) and later on at the Ghent conservatory (with Godfried-Willem Raes).

I could have studied information technology but I didn't, just like I didn't do many other things. Instead I read a lot of books and articles. I do have a background in choirs, as a singer as well as a conductor of contemporary choir music. At the moment, I am mainly occupied with computer music.


1996-2008: Teacher at a belgian secondary school (Art history, Music, C++ and Server Administration).

2008-2010: Administrative director at Logos Foundation, a centre for new music and sound in Ghent.

2010 - current: Freelance music related performances, Attr-X programming, teaching C++ somewhere.