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Wiilib is a library of externals to use a Wii remote controller in Pure Data. It is based on code by Mike Wozniewki who made the first external for this.

Improvements in my 0.1.0 version:

  • took code from wiimote.c by Mike Wozniewki
  • adapted to the 0.6 version of the libcwiid API, which has improved reporting of messages
  • removed hardcoded limit of 8 wii remotes.
  • added support for classic controller (experimental, since I do not own one.)
  • added a new button handler: wiibuttons, which makes using button information a bit easier
  • added a wrapper for movement information: wiiAcc

The new version of the library still supports patches made with the old library. However, you will benefit from the updated libcwiid API.

This is my first external for a more general public, so if you have suggestions, comments or questions, please contact me.

Newest version: wiimote_pd-0.1.5.tar.gz

Look at the README file for installation instruction. To compile, you will need to install cwiid first. If you've done that, please try out the demo program wmgui. Better get that working before trying out this package. Note: on my ubuntu system, I have to install these packages before I can compile cwiid: flex, bison, bluetooth, libbluetooth-dev, python-all-dev.


2008-03-30 0.1.5
         New feature
         * Made a wiiIR object. For the moment, it can only
           count how many blobs are active. An integer argument
           sets the number of milliseconds after which a blob is
           considered inactive.
         Bug fixes
         * Corrected acceleration calculations in wiiAcc.
         * Fixed a (rather stupid) bug that made it still
           impossible to connect more than one wii at a
         * Nunchuk calibration is not supported yet in libcwiid 0.6.
           Thanks to Mario Kishalmi for pointing that out. For now,
           the raw output is sent to pd.  
2008-01-09 0.1.1
         Minor fix
         * I was stupid enough to include the built files
           in the source package. So make did not actually
           build anything, and make install copied my compiled
           version (for AMD64) into the pd-directory.
           (This can be solved also by doing a "make clean" before
           the actual make.)  2008-01-06 0.1.0
         Initial release
         * took code from wiimote.c by Mike Wozniewki
         * adapted to the 0.6 version of the libcwiid API
         * removed hardcoded limit of 8 wii's
         * added support for classic controller (experimental)
         * added new button handler: wiibuttons
         * added wrapper for accelerometer information: wiiAcc