May 2006, Heverlee

I might be in trouble with this music, but I guess it's ok to post it here as long as I'm not rich and famous.

Early in 2006 a post-rock band 'Grim' from Leuven asked the Vocal Ensemble Markant, which I am conducting, to sing some Arvo Pärt music at the première performance of their new album. All song played there where based on music from Arvo Pärt. Although this could be fun, I thought that an acoustic choir performance, after a rock concert and for a non classical audience might not impress very much. I decided to take a composition by Arvo Pärt which was allready known by the choir and I made sort of an arrangement.

I started with the work 'I am the true vine'. I combined this with text from an American television preacher in the 20's (preaching about this particular text) that I downloaded from the internet. I also wanted a strong baseline, so I took that from 'Angel' by Massive Attack. Then i started adding some of my own music. The result contains short fragments of 'Fuga 8', 'How small a thought it takes to fill a whole life' and some unused drumming patterns I left from some other experiments.