Fuge 8

January 2006, Heverlee

Obviously this is a fuge, although you might not hear it when you listen to it. I think I would not have come up with the idea to write a fuge if my composition teacher (Godfried Willem Raes) wouldn't have asked me to make one. The text is a recording from Herman Sabbe, who talks about Cage's composition 4m33, for 4 minutes and 33 seconds. By doing this, he filled the the 'container work' of Cage with spoken words that were written down before. By making a fuge out of this speech, I used this container to create a fuge, by far the most structured kind of composition composers ever came up with.

The spoken recording is placed at four positions in a stereo speaker set, although it might be good to use four speakers on an actual performance. The fugatic structure is used in deforming the sound: changes in volume, frequency and distortion are all handled by the fugatic structure.