may 2005, Leuven (Belgium)

This piece won the composition contest 'Vlaams Brabant', edition 2005, together with a work from Erika Budai. It was also acknowledged as the best submission for the 'Visser-Neerlandia' composition contest in 2005.

The text of '4' was written by Didi de Paris, a poet living nearby. I also used one of his texts for boycot, an earlier work. I used only one sentence "over de wereld weven wij een lijkwade van woorden". The title of the piece is '4' because of four words beginning with the consonant 'w'.

I tried to split up consonants an vowels in the music. the piece starts with only vowels, goes on with only consonants and ends with the text as a whole. (If i ever rewrite this work, i'll scrap the last part and write a new one without the whole text.)

Pdf and sibelius file can be downloaded.