december 2006, Kessel-Lo

A short song for solo soprano. Wod can be performed on its one or as part of the Orfeo project.

I wrote 'Wod' for Kathelijne Jordens, a soprano who has sung a lot of my music already. She asked me to write something for her singing examination, and i was glad i could do so.

I used a text from an old English poem, 'Foweles in the Frith'. I wanted to emphasize on the dense and haunting atmosphere in the poem, that is why i use mainly fragments of words and sentences and pay special attention to the vowels and consonants in this song. Technically, i used my quarter-scale again (b-c-c#-d-e this time), starting from C, going up a fourth, down and up again, thus ending on the high and low F. It's really a very simple piece and i did not want to 'over-structure' it.

Download: Sibelius file - pdf