Written in december 2004, Leuven

Lovesong is a composition for mixed choir (8 voices). It requires a rather large group of singers to perform the piece because of the aleatoric clusters created. (It is performed here by Markant with about 18 singers, but in fact there should be at least 32.) It was actually written for the Euprint composition contest 2005, but when it was ready it seemed a bit too difficult to perform. I never sended it in, but performed the music with Markant in april 2005.

The idea was to make a work with a very clear, mirrorlike, structure. The music is mainly about moving textures, the middle part consisting of one chord that shifts because some voices are always singing clusters around it. In fact, you can never hear the full chord. Maybe that is why i used it again in 4.

The text came afterwards and is not really good I think. It was difficult because the music was already 'written out' in my head and I had to look for a text that went well with it. Which I did not find, of course. Then I started to write some words down. All about love, like in a brainstorming session. I translated some of them. That's it. If I had to write it again, I think i would have used nonsense text. Maybe I'll do that someday. You can also do it yourself if you want to perform it.

Available for download are a sibelius source file and the pdf made from that. You can listen to a live recording from the first performance by Markant.