in F

March 2007, Kessel-Lo

WARNING!!! This recording contains very low tones without spectral components. Playing it very loud can damage your audio equipment.(It's normal that you don't hear a lot near the end. Don't turn up the volume at that point.)

This piece is part of Deceit/-sire, a larger work i am currently working on. It contains only four samples, a sine, triangular, square and saw-wave on 43 Hertz (very low F). The samples are organised in a rondo form (just for a laugh) and after that the whole piece was rendered twice as fast, and obviously also twice as high. I continued to do this until my last version was about 2 seconds long. Then all 10 layers were placed on top of each other so they sound together. Every layer goes on exactly half as long as the one below. This way, the composition is one long decrescendo. I liked the idea of a composition going nowhere, only decreasing in density with only 4 colours of sound and and a single frequency.