Composition 34

My first work for Godfried's machine orchestra. I was writing software for algorithmic composition at that time. I abandoned it later, but it is heavily used in this composition. Whith this software, I could several musical lines. Each line could have a different range, density, rhythmic complexity and such at any given point. For each parameter I could also enter the way it evolved to the next point.

For this composition, I started with an spectrum analysis of the first 30 seconds of Penderecki's Passion of st-Luke. The spectral results are played on the piano, while an organ and a vibraphone are evolving from one spectrum to another, using them as non repeating scales. These parts are completely written by my software, although other parameters are just chosen for their aestetic value.

Many Thanks to Kristof Lauwers for this recording.

Available for download are a sibelius source file and the pdf made from that. You can listen to a live recording from the first performance by Markant.