Oktober 2004, Steinfeld (Germany)

Boycot was written for the Euprint choir composition contest in 2005. I asked a Leuven poet, Didi de Paris, to send me some of his work at that time. Boycot was a poem from the bundle he send me. It appealed to me because is could be a very fresh approach to texts in choir singing. The text, that is clearly very left-wing but with lots of humour, is a kind of protest against the western capitalism. And altough I've been singing in a lot of choirs, I never came across something even remotely like that.

As far as the composition goes, I only used a few musical ideas or motifs, changing them throughout the piece. I was also very interested in working with the text's consonants at that time. (It was about the same time i wrote Lied 1.)

Ironically, this piece against capitalism is the only one which is actually available on CD. Also the score is published by Euprint. This is because the work was one of the nominated compositions of their contest. Out of courtesy, I shall not publish the score of the work on this website as long as the music is available there.