abstract 9

january 2008, Kessel-Lo

Abstract 9 is a composition for <QT>, the quartertone organ built by logos foundation. I've made use of Pure Data to play <QT>. Input comes from the Wii remote control, using the Pure Data Wii external I made before.

Apart from that, I am working on a library with Pure Data objects and several are used in this composition. Pitches come from a looper object. It's actually always the same array of 10 pitches you hear over and over again. Sometimes transposed or shortened a bit. I have also made a database with rhythms by playing the piano for a few hours and let PD put everything I play in a database. In this work, rhythms are retrieved from the database constantly. They are selected depending on speed, regularity and tone - rest values.

The second, forth and sixth part of the composition are more or less fixed. (A few random values are built into it though, so you won't hear the same every time). The other parts you the Wii directly to influence the music. In the first part they control lights and the speed of the windblower (barely audible in this recording). The third part is rather obvious as it uses movement, the fifth used the IR detection on the Wii by holding lighters in front of it. Clusters are formed when the distance between 2 lighters changes.